Asus ZenBook

This is by far the worst computer I have ever owned. You want to know the list of computers I owned? Here it is: TI-99/4A Apple //e Home built 383-33 Turbo Macintosh SE Byte & Floppy PII266J Macintosh SE/30 Power Mac 6100/60 Dell Dimension 4100 Dell DImension 4700 Sony Vaio VGN-SZ140P MacBook Pro Mac Mini […]


For more than five years, this has plagued all iTunes users for syncing music from the iTunes library on a desktop computer to iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Here are just a few posts from angry users regarding this. Dec 5, 2012: Jan 5, 2013: Apr 15, 2017: Mar 26, 2018: I […]

Outlook & Office 365

I just migrated to Office365 from a locally-installed and managed Exchange server, which has been trouble-free for as long as I can remember. I was previously filtering messages to a Junk Email folder by looking for a unique IronPort header, specifically this one: “X-Spam-Status: Yes”. With the Outlook 365 system, a cloud-based mail gateway and […]

Google Chrome

Most modern Windows installers are friendly in that they don’t install shortcuts on the desktop and taskbar by default. In fact, most installers today ask you if you want these items installed for those who do want them visible. I prefer a nice clean desktop, which i typically reserve only for temporary items that I […]

Dell Cookies

Normally, I like to think of cookies as yummy items, but not in this case. I just brought home a brand-new Dell system with Windows 7 Ultimate, and rather than re-install the system from original Microsoft Windows installation media, I decided I would try to stick with the pre-installed operating system. Mostly everything is okay. […]

Adobe Acrobat

Our department requires copies of invoices of purchases, and usually I print them to a PDF to send to our administrative department for auditing purposes. I have never had problem creating PDFs with Adobe Acrobat until recently. Since Acrobat was in its infancy, I always used the “print to PDF” method rather than using any […]

Adobe Audition

This is something that I reported to Adobe in 2008. The problem with Adobe is that they don’t often listen to their customers, even though they claim to have “support” on their web site. Audition uses temporary (scratch) space for storing a copy of the sound file(s) that you are editing and for storing any […]