Outlook 365

Outlook on my home computer was updated recently with a new Simplified Ribbon and an upgraded Search bar located in the title bar. I may have been annoyed by these changes a while ago, but by now, I am so used to these arbitrary cosmetic changes that they often just go unnoticed (well, more like ignored).

However, what is driving me absolutely nuts now is having to enter my password every time I click on a mail item in Outlook!

Over and over and over, I have to type this in. If I decide to Cancel this annoyance, I see the account prompting me at the bottom saying “Need Password”.

I gave you the password! And I even told you to remember it. Why don’t you remember it?

OK, fine! I’ll click the “Need Password” button, expecting to be prompted again ten or more times for my password, but it seems to connect again, even without having to type in the password that it was asking for!


Dispursed through all of this fun is another series of infinite pop-ups asking for autodiscover information.

Autodiscover server URL has been intentionally changed.

Typically, you only need to do this once when an account’s server moves to another host, but again, this one pops up over and over and over.

This is happening on two of my computers, one running Windows 10 Home and one running Windows 10 Pro, so I can’t say that it is related to Windows. Please fix this, Microsoft! I seriously can’t be productive if I have to type in my password every time I read or delete a message!