Quality Control

Updated: 2009-02-28

It’s been a while since I bought a music CD because most remastered CDs are so dynamically compressed (another one of my things that suck) that the original sound of the album is completely altered.

After buying a few albums from iTunes, I decided that at US$9.99 an album, I’d rather have the CD complete with album art, liner notes and a jewel box for only a couple dollars more rather than the lower-quality M4P (AAC) files restricted by Apple’s DRM.

I bought plenty of CDs in my lifetime. I never would have expected any problems except for possibly a broken jewel box.

Embedded dust in the CD

I ordered The Very Best Of by the Eagles from Amazon.com, and when I received it, I anxiously placed disc 1 of the two-disc set in my CD player only to hear static. I tried reloading the disc, and the static still played. Upon closer inspection, I saw what looked like a piece of lint on the disc.

I grabbed a tissue and tried to dust it off. Hmm, it didn’t come off. I tried wiping it with a little more force. Nope, still there. Next, I tried running my finger over the piece of dust. What the f…? The surface was perfectly smooth. I grabbed my nearby flashlight and shined it on the disc, and … I couldn’t believe it! It was embedded inside the disc!

I promptly returned this CD set to Amazon.com, got my money refunded and went back to downloading the album elsewhere. I could finally hear the great harmonies of the Eagles without static in the background.