U. S. Postal Service

Updated: 2008-05-01 (completely rewritten)

The following is a record of my experiences with receiving DVDs from Netflix, a company whose business model is based on the assumption that the U. S. Postal Service can deliver DVDs in lightweight envelopes from a distribution center to a customer, and then back again in the same envelope.

It’s a huge convenience, but unfortunately, Netflix makes one big assumption: that the U. S. Postal Service is reliable.

This was supposed to be South Park Season 5 Disc 1, but the DVD never quite made it to me. I did receive this ripped piece of paper with my address printed on it.

Updated 2008-04-26:

Exactly one month later, this South Park Season 10 Disc 2 DVD arrived. This one would never be viewed again. The same week, a friend of mine, also a Netflix member, said that he received a disc that was completely cracked in two. It serves him right for bragging one month ago that he never had any problems with discs from Netflix.